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Committed to Green

Committed to GreenAt MJS, we care about the environment inside your home and outside it, too. We’re constantly striving to save energy and eliminate waste throughout our EnviroMade™ production process to ensure a greener future for everyone.

Recycling excess materials

■  PVC– All excess PVC scrap is recycled to make products such as vinyl fence and decking.
■  Cardboard – Excess cardboard is recycled into products such as cellulose insulation.
■  Glass – Scrap glass is recycled to use in road resurfacing.
■  Scrap metal – Excess scrap metal is reused by scrap-metal recyclers.

Reducing energy consumption

■  Water– Water from our glass-washing equipment is filtered for re-use.
■  Engine oil – Used engine oil from our truck fleet is collected and re-refined to make various oil products.
■  Heat – Heat that is generated from our equipment is re-directed into our plant to reduce overall energy costs.
■  Lighting – Our entire plant’s lighting system uses energy efficient lights to reduce overall energy consumption.

MJS is committed to a greener future, not only in the energy efficient products we make, but in how we make them.

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